About Us

At Double Coverage Landscapes, we believe the best landscapes don't just happen they're carefully planned. That's why we specialize in developing comprehensive landscape designs for sites both large and small.

A good plan leads to a pleasing, harmonious landscape where all elements work together. Because the plan considers how the landscape will evolve over time, it prevents a messy, haphazard appearance, and it can also prevent costly mistakes and rework.

In creating a landscape plan, we start with your overall vision for your landscape. What do you want to do with the area? Do you want a peaceful spot for rest and rejuvenation? A formal garden to complement your home's architecture? How might your landscape be different in the future?

Then we consider all the functions your landscape should serve. Do you want a garden filled with flowers? A place where children can play? A patio for entertaining?

Finally, we consider other factors, like existing landscape features and buildings, growing conditions, available light, and water requirements.

To ensure top-quality results, we install what we design. And everything we install comes with a one-year guarantee.